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random instant ramen reviews

issue 4

Sunday Mix for FAST/SLOW


NFTs Fucking Suck

issue 3

Read Marijuana Simpson, The Definitive Edition. Listen, Someone Is Reading. Be Careful, The World Is A Dangerous Place. Dance, The Music Is Excellent.

We prefer to grow our own crops, but of course everything is part of the same ecosystem, and it's important for roots to stretch out and intermingle. All plants grown without permission. If you're having trouble seeing what we mean please try exchanging your eyes for the latest model.

issue 2

🎨 🎨 🎨 I Made Art Bigger
💿 💿 Charli XCX - Free Love 💿
🌎 Climb, Eight, Change 🌎 🌎
🎥 🎥 Slowjector 🎥
Cold Outreach
📱 My Boy's Got His Own Ring Tone 📱 📱

We're sort of phoning it in for this issue, sorry. Can't be assed to create a table for this nonsense. I couldn't think of a theme either, which is lame, so tell you what, why don't you look at all the art and then send us an email telling us what you think the theme is. Oh right, the art. Uhhh.... I used photoshop to make 4k 16:9 desktop backgrounds of a bunch of art that I like. Look at it here. That was cool, it taught me how to get good at the content-aware fill tool and some blending tricks. And I had to update my tool for downloading high-res images from artsy but since I took it down a few years ago you'll have to figure out how to do it yourself.

I'm still trying to get Spencer to write something but he hasn't yet.

I want to publish some of the things I did for Nick Montfort, they're all hanging out in a hidden directory, but it will take some time to polish them and the python scripts are kind of weird to download and are probably going to get treated like malware so i'll probably have to re-write the booklet one in javascript or something.

Haven't taken photos in a while but I could probably put together a good series.

Back when I was scamming my way into a bachelor's degree I wrote something about Senior House and took some photos to go along with it but at this point it's out of date and god the writing's awful, you'll definitely be able to tell I took the pictures and then shoe-horned some writing to go along with it and never edited it but got the last-minute credits I needed to graduate.

Oh shit right I made that Charli XCX mixtape gotta link that at some point

If I ever get through The Practice of Everyday Life I'll try to write something about it. It would be useful to have a big list of tactics and practices. Like crossing the street without waiting for the light — most people living in Seattle seem not to have figured that one out. There's probably whole ways of living that I've never thought of.

If I can find someone with something interesting to say, I'd like to pay them for their work and put it here.

Speaking of Seattle and a dearth of people with interesting things to say, I should write about moving to Seattle and how I realized that I'm living my life entirely wrong if I want to make lasting connections to people and place.

Ok that would probably be a decent sized issue. If that's not enough I can always link to a bunch of blogs I like. Check back later and see if I get around to doing this. Maybe now that it's published on my 2-viewer-a-day-but-they're-both-just-me home page I'll have an incentive to follow through. It's just been hard with getting used to work and all that.

issue 1

You The Boys A Cold one
⏱ Roadclock Peter 14E-310
!!! Interview with eightbitstories peter nostalgia-space
☹️ 3 months go by... just a nice finnish boy Helsinki
Mixtape: Summer Vibes 2k17 Various Artists Helsinki
What I Learned This Weekend Lloyd July 2017

issue 0

Name Author Date
BUY BUY BUY aͣͯͦ͊̀͡n̙̫̥̬̙̿ͮͥ̾ 1986
FWD: Funny_Joke.docx! Your Favorite Uncle 2017
Plan For A More Free Press Sean Spicer 2017
Free Acid You Now
Better Living Through Chemistry Chauvinist Manputer January 2017
A Christmas Story Yours Truly December 2016
Love In The Age Of Strong Cryptography Unrecognizable To Your Current Self July 2015
NYC: A Review The Editor August 2015